Must-Have Items for Your Classroom: Teacher Favorites!

As a teacher, finding the right tools and supplies to create an engaging and organized classroom environment is essential. Luckily, Amazon is a treasure trove of classroom-friendly products that can help you enhance your teaching experience. These teacher favorite items for the classroom can make your teaching journey more efficient, enjoyable, and effective.

Teacher Favorite Classroom Items

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must have classroom items

Personal Laminator and Laminating Pouches 
A personal laminator is perfect for protecting special papers and group activities. You can also use dry erase markers on them! I was shocked at how affordable these machines are and wish I would have purchased one earlier in my career! Don’t forget extra laminating pouches!

Pencil Sharpener
This pencil sharpener has lasted several years. It is very durable! Reviews agree, this is definitely a teacher favorite!

Pre-Sharpened Pencils
Pre-sharpened pencils are a major time-saver in the classroom and students go through them very quickly. If you have the school funds or a wish-list, this is something I purchase every year.

must have classroom items

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Hooks
These heavy-duty magnetic hooks can hold flip charts, hall passes, clip boards, etc. They are so handy to have around.

Classroom Timer
I purchased this timer a couple years ago and I use it almost daily. It is hands down one of my favorite additions to my classroom.

Magnetic Microfiber Erasers
I really like these magnetic microfiber erasers because they actually clean my boards and are easily accessible.

must have classroom items

Meme Stickers and Comment Stamps
Students enjoy getting stickers on their papers – especially these meme stickers! I thought they would think they were silly, but they love them and look forward to getting stickers! Be sure to sort through them first because there are always a couple that may not be age appropriate. If you leave comments a lot like “name”, “please correct and return”, and “parent signature” then these self inking stamps are for you!

Label Maker
All classrooms need a label maker. I label EVERYTHING! I have a problem, but I think it is ok as long as it is organized!

must have classroom items

Pencil Holders
I keep these adhesive pen holders throughout my classroom where students must use a pen or pencil often (like filling out the hall pass).

Rolling Cart
These rolling storage carts are very handy, but this one is also sturdy and well-built.

Tool Kit
Ok, hear me out. This toolbox storage set is one of the most underrated items in my classroom. From changing out calculator batteries, to assembling furniture, this tool kit gets used (and borrowed) more than I anticipated.

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Amazon is a fantastic resource for teachers looking to enhance their classrooms. Whether you need organizational tools, engaging materials, or comfortable seating options, you can find a wide array of classroom-friendly items that can make your teaching experience more enjoyable and effective. So, head on over to Amazon and explore these teacher-favorite items to create the classroom of your dreams!

Is there something you use daily and love? Let me know in the comments.

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