Computer Cart Organization – For All Grades!

My high schoolers struggle when it comes to organizational skills. I was at my wits end trying to train them to properly store and charge the computers in the computer cart at the end of class. A friend of mine teaches middle schoolers and shared her process for computer cart organization with me. I immediately adopted the idea. It has saved me so much time and probably added an extra year to my life.

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How to organize your computer cart

If you have a computer cart in your classroom then you know the struggle and I am assuming that is why you landed here.

Everyday I would find more chargers in the computer cart pulled out a couple inches because they were stretched from the top to a computer on bottom row. Computer number 5 would be in slot 23, computer 23 was in slot 12, and computer 12 was crammed between the doors straddling the divider. Half of the computers were in backwards and upside down. 

I was about to lose my ever-loving mind. 

This was making me insane because each day I would hope for improvement, but never see it. I lived like this for a few years until Lora saved the day.  I can’t write about this without giving her a shout out and huge thank you!

Computer cart organization

The whole process from start to finish took about an hour and a half the first time. Since doing this a couple years ago, I received a new Chromebook cart and the process took about 40 minutes the second time. 

I learned a lot along the way and would love to share my process and materials with you to make it a quick organizational task. 


Grab all of your materials before you begin. I made myself cozy in a rolling chair with a small table to save myself from sitting on the floor or doing 500 squats.

You’ll need 

    • zip ties
    • scissors
    • tape (keep reading for the types of tape I used)
    • sharpie

Steps to organize your computer cart

First off, my computers have barcodes and are numbered. I had to make sure all of the computers were in the correct order and slots.

Next, I took the zip ties and tightened the computer cords so they would only reach to one computer. Don’t slack on this step. Kids will still find a way to pull the cords out a mile long, but this step made more of a difference than I expected.

Once I had my computers and cart set up the way I wanted, it was time to get crafty!

tape to organize computer cart

I used Washi tape (pictured on the right) to label the computers, cart slots, and cords the first time and it worked fine because the computers were slick and had a metal case. However, it did not stick well to the cords so I had to wrap them in clear Scotch tape.

My new computers have  a rubber finish on them and the Washi tape did not stick at all. I tried a few different brands of tape, but this cute and colorful masking tape (pictured on the left) worked the best and sticks well to the rubbery shell of the computer along with the cords.

My new favorite tape is colorful electrical tape because it sticks the best to the cords. I had a few other teachers in my school organize their cart and we tried the electrical tape.

Pro Tip:  Use one color tape at a time. I alternated colors the first time and it took a lot longer than anticipated.

computer cart organization

When you have the tape the way you like it, use the Sharpie to label the numbers. I found it easier to cut the tape to size then write on it rather than trying to write on the tape while it was on the roll. 

Time to celebrate your hard work and new computer cart organization!

Now celebrate and enjoy your newly organized computer cart! 

The first time I labeled my computers, I sent a celebratory text and picture to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (they are the only other educators in my family so they “get” me). They both replied with, “I wonder how long they will stay like that”??

To everyone’s amazement [and shock!], it lasted and worked beautifully! Over the past couple years, I only had to replace a couple of the numbers due to students picking at them. 

Classroom computer cart organization

Have you done something similar? I’d love to hear how you keep your computer cart organized!

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