Essential Oils for Kids at Home

In recent years, the use of essential oils has gained popularity for their various therapeutic and wellness benefits. Extracted from plants, these potent oils have been used for centuries across cultures. From promoting relaxation to supporting physical wellbeing, essential oils offer a holistic approach to health and vitality. 

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Are essential oils safe for kids?

Essential oils are natural and a great alternative to other air fresheners and room fragrances. Keep in mind the oils can be potent – a little goes a long way. Be sure to read the labels carefully. I usually only buy kid safe scents. There are some oils that are dangerous to be diffused and used around kids. If you have any doubts about essential oils, please discuss use with your doctor. 

What supplies do I need to diffuse essential oils?

To begin your essential oil journey, you’ll need filtered water, a diffuser, and oils. 

If you have never used essential oils before, I usually order from Young Living because they follow strict safety protocols to provide the best and highest quality product.  

Plant Therapy is also a great brand. They are the best price for the quality, but I only diffuse them and do not apply them directly to the skin.

What oils should I diffuse at home?

I use essential oils to help eliminate germs, stress, and foul odors. They can make your house a more positive environment. Did you know that odor-induced memories can bring back memories quicker than other memory experiences? 

Scents for concentration and stress

lavender, flowers, field-1507499.jpg

FrankincenseLavender, and Rosemary are helpful for concentration and stress. You can also try the “Calming the Child” or “Geneyus” blend.

I can tell a difference in my very active boys when I use calming oils and when I do not. They finish homework quickly and remain on task longer.

Scents to freshen the air

orange, citrus fruit, fruit-1995052.jpg

Citrus scents are my favorite to help freshen the air. Try lemon, orange, or grapefruit. Herbs such as basil, peppermint, and lemongrass are also perfect oils to freshen the air. 

I like to blend a few together for the ultimate layer of odor elimination.

  • Lemon (3 drops) and Basil (2 drops)
  • Peppermint (3 drops), Lavender (2 drops), and Rosemary (2 drops)
  • Orange (4 drops), Cypress (3 drops), and Lemongrass (2 drops)

Scents to fight germs

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Orange, clove, and cinnamon is a good blend to help fight germs. 

Tea tree (Melaleuca) is also a good single oil to diffuse as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

You can also try the “Germ destroyer” or “Sniffleease” blend.

Essential oils kid scents

The benefits of essential oils extend beyond pleasant aromas. If you use essential oils at home to help kids focus, eliminate odors, and fight germs, let me know your favorite scent combinations in the comments.

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