Must-Have Supplies Every High School Math Teacher Needs

In the world of education, the right tools and supplies can make a difference. This is very true of the high school math classroom. The proper supplies can improve understanding, engagement, and positivity. These math teacher supplies are top-rated and high quality. 

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Math Teacher Supplies

Math Teacher Supplies

1. Calculators

Are you team TI or Casio? I, personally, like TI calculators better, but Casio has some really good ones as well.  I love the TI-30xs Multiview or the upgraded version TI-36x Pro. The TI-36x Pro is great for STEM students and Engineering! The Casio FX-300es Plus2 is very comparable and a great little calculator!

I do not use hand-held graphing calculators in class anymore due to Desmos being available on the ACT and state EOC tests. However, if you are looking for a graphing calculator, I recommend the TI-84 Plus CE or NumWorks (free simulator!)

2. Sticky Easel Paper

 Post-it display paper is the best quality. Use this paper for anchor charts and displaying group work. They also make poster paper with grids and lines!

3. Two-Sided Dry Erase Boards

I really like using personal dry erase boards in class for formative assessments and games. The boards hold up better than the flexible ones. Don’t forget erasers and markers.

4. Rulers, meter sticks, and fabric tape measures

Rulers are great for any math class and I use meter sticks and fabric tape measures for several activities throughout the year.

5. Playing Cards

Cards have multiple uses in math class from probability to assigning random seats, having a few decks of cards around can come in handy! Also, try to keep the decks different so you know where missing cards go. 

6. Document Camera

Aside from an ipad, Apple Pencil, and Apple TV, my document camera is one of the most used piece of technology in my classroom. If you are in the market for a document camera, I really like this IPevo Document Camera because it can be used with or without a computer and has multiple connectivity options.

Math Teacher Supplies

7.  Coordinate Grid Sticky Notes

This might be my favorite math manipulative! I give students an equation to graph on their sticky note and have them post it around the room. Students usually groan when having to graph, but these sticky notes make it a little more fun! They also have normal curve and polar graph sticky notes! The possibilities are endless with sticky notes! 

8. Magnetic Coordinate Grid

I love doing group work at vertical permanent surfaces around the room and these magnetic dry erase grids make graphing for group work a breeze. I have been adapting Peter Liljedahl’s Building Thinking Classrooms in mathematics for a couple years now.

Click here if you are interested in more of my supplies specifically for BTC.

9. Clipboards

I use clipboards when doing scavenger hunts, task cards, around the room activities, and board work. They get used almost once a week. Clipboards make it easier for students to get up and move. I love movement and active learning in my classroom. 

10. Dry Erase Sleeves/Page Protectors

Dry erase sleeves are popular, but sheet protectors are cheaper and work just as well. We do mazes and partner activities often. Students can slide a worksheet into the page protector and write on it with dry erase marker. It cleans off easily and saves copies!

11.  3D Geometric Figures

These are a little pricey, but definitely a necessity! I love the GIANT SOLIDS!  The most difficult part of geometry for most students is visualizing solids and geometric models. If you are on a budget, you can bring some from home like cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, and ice cream cones.

12. Math Compasses

I’ve used some pretty cheap compasses before that break easily, but these Circle Master Compasses are the absolute best! There are also safety compasses, but they just don’t do it for me. If you are teaching geometric constructions, consider using popsicle sticks as a straightedge to deter students from “measuring” with a ruler.

13. Tracing Paper, patty paper, or transparent sticky notes

Patty paper is a classic, but now there are transparent sticky notes! If you are teaching geometric transformations, these are some of the best tools to use. You can also use them as a quick way to grade student work. Just create a graph on your tracing paper as the “key” and hold it over student work!

14. Dice

I use dice when playing classroom board games and teaching probability.

Looking for a list of helpful math resources?

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Equipping the math classroom with the right supplies can really enhance the learning experience. I hope you found this list of math teacher supplies helpful and something you can add to your classroom!

Do you have favorite supplies for your math classroom? Let me know in the comments!

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Must have supplies for the math classroom

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