Evaluating Logarithms Choice Board

Choice boards are one of my favorite ways to incorporate student choice and personalized learning in my math classroom. I am always amazed at how much student engagement increases when they are given a choice in their learning. Keep reading to learn about the activities I use in a choice board and download my free template for the Logarithms choice board.

Understanding Choice Boards

A choice board is a versatile instructional tool that presents students with a range of activities or tasks related to a specific concept or skill.  These boards typically feature a variety of options, allowing students to choose activities that align with their learning preferences and interests. Furthermore, choice boards are designed to promote autonomy and accommodate diverse learning styles. As the personalized learning leader for my school, I love using choice boards as an example of how to incorporate personalized learning in your classroom. If you missed my post about personalized learning, you can check it out HERE

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Logarithms Choice Board Design

Logarithms Choice Board

For this activity, I gave the students a choice between 6 activities and they had to earn 12 points for full credit. Each activity is worth a different number of points based on how much time it requires and level of difficulty. I allowed students to earn more than the required points for extra credit. I was amazed at how focused my students were for a 90 minute block class.  Students were allowed to work with a partner to complete the paper activities. 

Each block contains

  • point value for the activity
  • icon to represent if the activity is on paper, computer, or phone
  • activity title
  • how to access the activity/where to find it
  • a place for my initials
  • score if there is a score attached to the activity

All activity descriptions are below along with links. I enjoy creating resources, but you do not have to spend time or money to do your own choice boards. The first 3 activities are in my TPT store for low cost or free if you want to try to incorporate this choice board. 

To learn more about choice boards and get ideas on FREE resources, check out my blog post on “How to Implement Choice Boards in the Math Classroom“.

1. Hex Log Puzzle

This hexagon logarithm puzzle requires a little prep to cut the pieces and print the mat. I laminated the cards for future use and durability. One of my favorite classroom supplies is my personal laminator.  The sides of the hexagons use the definition of a logarithm to match logarithm form to exponential form. Read my full blog post about the Hex Log Puzzle.  I made 6 sets of these puzzles for my class of 26 and nobody seemed to be waiting on a puzzle.

You can download this FREE activity in my TPT store HERE

2. Log Maze

The logarithm maze requires students to evaluate logarithms and select the correct value to move to the next cell. Students are finished when they complete the maze from the starting cell to the ending cell. Not all cells are used to make it a little more challenging. I copied 6 pages and put them each in a dry erase sleeve. This allowed students to quickly erase if they made a mistake and be re-used easily. If you do not have dry-erase sleeves, page protectors work just as well for cheaper!

You can download this low-cost activity in my TPT store HERE

3. Play Log War

Log war is one of my favorite activities to have students practice fluency in evaluating logarithms. It is played like the card game war. If you are unfamiliar with war and want to know more, you can read my full blog post about Log War. I made 4 sets for my students to use. This game is best played in pairs or a group of 3. I made 4 sets to use with my class of 26 and nobody seemed to be waiting on a set of cards.

You can download Log War for FREE in my TPT store HERE


4. Quizizz

There are so many great Quizizz activities out there. My students like the gamification of practice so I use it a lot in my classroom. You can quickly search for topics and create your own assignment by selecting questions from other assignments. If you would like to use the same logarithm activity as I did, you can click the link HERE

For class practice, I always give multiple attempts and turn on validation after each question. Students can keep taking it until they make 100% without being given the answers. 

5. Delta Math

I love Delta Math for practice. Students have access to worked out examples, unlimited practice on assigned topics, and immediate feedback. I use Delta Math Plus, but you can do this assignment with the free version also! The topics I selected are Evaluate Logarithms Levels 1-3 and I assigned a minimum of 5 required problems for each level.

6. Flip (formerly FlipGrid)

Short videos and reels are appealing to teenagers.  Flip (formerly FlipGrid) is a video sharing and discussion app. You can create a free account on Flip, set up a group, create a topic, and then comment and like videos. 

My topic was: Create an instructional video explaining the definition of a logarithm. The videos I received were creative and exceeded my expectations!

How to Implement Choice Boards

If you like the idea of using choice boards in your classroom, there are a few key points to keep in mind. 

  1. Define Learning Objectives: Clearly outline the learning objectives or skills that the choice board will cover. I like to keep it limited and make sure they are all covered in each activity. 
  2. Create a Variety of Tasks: Develop a range of tasks that address different learning styles and levels of complexity. If you are looking for fun and engaging resources, check out my binder of math resources linked below. 
  3. Provide Clear Instructions: Ensure each task on the choice board comes with clear instructions and expectations. I require my students to have me initial their papers immediately after they complete an activity.
  4. Establish Accountability: Determine how students will demonstrate his or her understanding or mastery of the learning objectives or skills.

If you would like to know more, I did a longer blog post about implementing choice boards in the math classroom. You can check it out HERE.

Click Here to View my Online Binder of Math Resources

Logarithms Choice Board Download

Use the link below to download the choice board activity and template. It will force a copy of the Google Slides. I like using slides for activities, but the downside in math is the limited ability to have math type in slides. You could easily convert it to a PPT or document if it helps with the math type. Also, I copied front and back to make half papers for me to sign.

Logarithm Choice Board

Have you used choice boards in math before?  Let me know in the comments what your favorite activities are for choice boards and if you gave the logarithms choice board a try. I’d love to hear from you.

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