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Paper Airplanes and Box Plots
Box Plots with Paper Airplanes: An Engaging Statistics Activity
This fun and engaging box plots with paper airplanes activity explores dot plots and box plots. It is fun for any stats class learning or reviewing box plots.
Hexagon Logarithm Puzzle
Hexagon Logarithm Puzzle
After introducing the definition of a logarithm to students, have them practice this hexagonal puzzle that is surprisingly a little challenging. I hope you and your students enjoy it like mine did.
Log war
Log War Card Game for Logarithm Practice and Fluency
My goal when introducing logarithms is to build fluency. This logarithm activity is a fun and engaging way to get students practicing evaluating logarithms without realizing it.
Math Songs
Best Math Songs for High School
My students know I love teaching with songs. They find it silly, but it sticks! I hear them humming during tests and secretly singing to themselves. These are my favorite songs to use in high school math...
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