How to Create a Color-Changing Self-Checking Worksheet

A color-changing self-checking worksheet will keep students engaged and amazed. Self-checking activities are great for teachers and students because of immediate feedback. I used this in my statistics class for high-school seniors and they acted like I pulled a magic trick – they were so puzzled at how it worked and wanted to answer all questions correctly.

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When to use a color-changing self-checking worksheet?

 I have only used this activity with multiple choice questions and tabular (box checking) questions. These worksheets are the easiest kind to quickly adapt. 

Color-changing worksheets make for fun group review activities and end of course reviews. 

Teaching math on a seven period schedule means I have a lot of students throughout the day. I only use these worksheets as group activities because it does require some prep on the teacher end.

How to create color-changing self-checking worksheets


Self-checking color-changing worksheet
Take the clear (white) marker and mark the correct answers. Students will not be able to see where you marked (unless you use an inkjet printer and make the ink smear).
My students were holding their papers up to the light trying to figure out how their markers were changing colors! I really got a kick out of watching them! I was also very surprised none of them had seen these markers before because I loved playing with color-changing markers when I was a kid. 

Create a Guide for Students

Something new I tried this year and it worked really well was to give my students a guide at the top of their paper. I made two boxes and one had correct and the other had incorrect. Before they started their activity, they took their color changing marker and marked in each box to see what the correct answer and incorrect answer would look like.
The directions I gave were, “Directions: Use the marker provided to mark the correct answer on your sheet. Mark each box below to use as a guide.”
When you prep your papers, don’t forget to color in the “correct” box with the clear marker. I almost forgot a few times because I was focused on marking the actual answers on the paper.

Storage Ideas

I love organization! The markers store perfectly in these plastic storage containers. It is so much easier for students to grab a marker and put them back. I also used my label maker to label the box.
Have you used something like this in your classroom? If you tried this activity, let me know how it goes in the comments!

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