Teacher Christmas Gifts

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Although I never expect to receive gifts from students, there will always be students (and parents) who enjoy giving teacher Christmas gifts. I am always so thankful, but the day-to-day interactions and relationships are the best gifts. As a parent, I want to show my appreciation to my kid’s teachers by giving them a Christmas gift. This list contains items I enjoy giving as gifts to other teachers that are inexpensive, but meaningful for teachers at all grade levels.

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Christmas Gifts...what do teachers really want?

Teachers enjoy practical and meaningful gifts.

Teachers would love an assistant to help with paperwork, a monthly massage, a wine subscription, more planning time, a longer lunch, etc. However, let’s be realistic and keep it budget-friendly. Most school districts have policies in place where teachers cannot accept gifts of high value. 

Keep it simple and meaningful.

1. Cards or letters of appreciation

Coming in at the top of the list for teacher Christmas gifts is a card or letter of appreciation. I know this may seem cheap, but it is unanimous that feeling appreciated is the number one gift. Teachers pour their hearts into educating children every day. Let your child’s teacher know you appreciate them by giving them a nice, heart-felt card. 

I have kept every letter and card since I started teaching. If I am having a difficult week, I read a few of my letters. It puts everything back in perspective and motivates me to be the best teacher I can be for my students.

2. Personalized Stickers

Personalized teacher stickers for Christmas gifts

Check out ETSY for personalized teacher stickers. These stickers are great for laptops and water bottles. Teachers love personalized gifts and stickers are a quick and easy gift that teachers will love.

3. Personalized Stamps

Personalized stamp for teacher Christmas gift

Just like stickers, teachers would love a personalized stamp. These personalized and self-inking stamps are affordable and cute. There are so many options that can be perfect for any teacher. 

4. Succulents

Teacher Christmas Gift Succulents

Add a little tranquility to your teacher’s classroom by gifting a succulent. They are perfect for the classroom because they are easy to take care of and do not require a lot of attention. 

If your teacher does not have a window or does not like plants, these fake succulents are super cute and will be a perfect addition to any desk or bookshelf. 

5. Flair Pens!

Teacher Christmas Gifts Flair Pens

Paper Mate Flair pens are a staple in any classroom. These bright, felt-tip pens are sure to make anyone smile. They are great for grading and writing notes because they do not bleed through paper.

6. Stationary or Note Cards

Stationary for teacher Christmas Gifts

There are so many cute stationary and note card designs. Picking out one that reminds you of your teacher will be a great addition to your teacher’s collection. 

Teachers love writing notes to students, parents, family, and friends so cute stationary will be a very useful and much appreciated gift.

7. Page a day calendar

Page a day desk calendars are fun and a cute addition to any desk. These calendars are usually January to December, so Christmas is a perfect time to update a desk calendar.  Consider a joke calendar or words of encouragement. If you are in a higher grade, you could gift a calendar that is specific to a subject like math or science. 

8. Because I had a Teacher

This heartwarming book will really let your teacher know how much you appreciate them. This is great for the sentimental teachers in the earlier grades. Top it off with an appreciation note to your teacher in the book. 

9. Teacher T-shirt

Teacher Christmas Gift T-shirt

The Wright Stuff Chics and ETSY have really cute teacher shirts that would make a great Christmas gift for any T-shirt lover.

10. Giftcards

Gift cards for teacher Christmas gifts

Gift cards are a classic that any teacher will appreciate. Keep them at or below $10. Honestly, it is the thought that teachers appreciate. Some ideas for gift cards include: Amazon, Target, and anything local like a boutique, coffee shop, or restaurant. 

Teacher Christmas gifts

In the middle of all the hustle and bustle, keep teacher Christmas gifts thoughtful and meaningful. A quick note of appreciation or something personalized will make finding a teacher Christmas gift easy and budget friendly. 

What gifts do you enjoy giving teachers? I’d love to know in the comments.

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